I was on My Bike and a Car Turning Left Ran Into Me

Video Transcription:
Not long ago I got a call from someone who had been riding their bicycle in their own neighborhood and there was a car coming in the opposite direction that made a quick left turn, hit the cyclist which resulted in serious injuries that required surgery. This type of situation is what we call the classic left hook accident. In the left hook type of maneuver by a car, the cyclist has virtually no time to react because the car wouldn’t turn if they actually saw the cyclist coming. This person was trying to get into their driveway on a narrow residential street.

This left turn maneuver creates clear liability on behalf of the driver, so their at fault. Their liability insurance on their car should pay the cyclist’s medical expenses and other damages. They’re not paid by no fault. If the cyclist’s injuries are worth more than the insurance coverage on the car that hit them then they would have a claim against their own uninsured motorist coverage.

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