How Long Does it Take to Schedule a Trial Date in Florida?

Video Transcription:
When we talk about setting a trial date for a client, we have to talk about the judge's trial schedule, the trial docket we call it. And, it can have a big impact on how quickly a case can be set for trial.

Judges typically set trial weeks or maybe a two week period once a month. They only will schedule a certain number of trials for a trial week or a two week trial docket. The cases that actually go to trial tend to be the oldest case first. They are trying to get the oldest case tried before the newest cases.

So many times it's a balance function of when was our case tried, how many cases are ahead of us on the docket as to when the judge will schedule us the first time. Sometimes we wait three or four months. Sometimes actually a little bit longer. But, fitting ourselves on to the trial docket is a step in the process of the lawsuit and it does add some period of time to getting your case resolved but it's certainly no reason to be concerned about filing your lawsuit from the beginning.

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