Four Major Factors that Can Affect Recovery After a Concussion

Video Transcription:
A large part of our practice involves dealing with clients who have suffered a concussion. I think many people when they realize they’ve had this diagnosis they think “how am I going to recover.” No two people will recover the same and there are definitely factors that will make recovery more difficult.

Here are some of those factors:

  1. What is the person’s concussion history? Have they ever had a concussion in the past, how many and how bad were they?
  2. Do they have a history of headaches? Definitely people who have migraines have a much more difficult time recovering from a concussion.
  3. What is their developmental history? Many people have been diagnosed previously with various types of developmental issues, like attention deficit disorder and others. When a person has this type of history it can be a factor that can affect recovery.
  4. What is their psychiatric history? If someone is depressed or anxious and is under psychiatric treatment particularly, it can be a factor in their recovery.

Doctors would call of these things your cognitive reserve, the ability of the brain to absorb, respond and heal from a concussion. The more history you have the more difficult the recovery can be.

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