Rotator Cuff Injuries in a Personal Injury Claim

Video Transcription:
Many of us don’t know what a rotator cuff injury is until we have some type of crash or collision and it’s injured. I think we take the movement of our body pretty much for granted. The rotator cuff is part of a series of tendons that control the movement of your shoulder. Classically, a rotator cuff injury severely restricts the ability to move the shoulder through it’s normal rotation and it takes away a lot of the functions that we use for activities of living.

In our practice, we run into rotator cuff injuries often in all types of accidents. For instance, pedestrians and cyclists get them when they fall and they extend their arm or they fall on their shoulder directly. People also get them in side-impact and rear end collisions in a cars.

Rotator cuff injuries do not all require surgery. Many times a rotator cuff injuries can be treated conservatively with various types of physical therapy and steroid injections. But if it is a more severe injury where there has been a complete separation of the major tendon, surgery may be required in order for the rotator cuff to return to it’s full function.

A rotator cuff injury is a significant injury and it would be a significant part of someone’s claim against the person who caused the injury. It’s important to deal with an attorney who understands these injuries and understands how to value them as part of the overall personal injury case.

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