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Video Transcription:
There’s nothing more embarrassing than falling suddenly. I know because it happened to me once in the courthouse. And, bear in mind, it’s not only the fall, it’s the sudden stop, the landing on the hard surface.

I would like to clear up the biggest misconception that people have so often when they call my office to talk about a fall and it is this one fact. So many people believe, mistakenly, that if you fall on someone’s property, they are automatically at fault, they are automatically liable to pay for the medical bills or your injuries. This is simply not the case.

Remember that we have to prove that the person that controlled the property, typically the owner, did something or they failed to do something which resulted in the fall. This could be a spill on the property, it could be a broken sidewalk, ramp or something is wrong with the parking lot.

So, there has to be something that has caused the person to fall and we have to prove that the property owner either knew about it or it had been there long enough that they should have known about it and they should have done something about it.

Most of the fall cases I get involved with we actually hire and work with an expert. So many cases are based on code violations or other building standards which have been violated by the property owner as evidence of their negligence or fault. I’m proud of the fact over the last 20 years that so many Floridians have entrusted us to help them after a serious injury from a fall. And, we are here to help you as well.

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