Dr. Mark Hausknecht was Shot & Killed While Riding His Bike in Houston

Video Transcription:

Good morning. It’s Jim Dodson, The Florida Bike Guy.

I wanted to offer some thoughts today about the horrible tragedy that occurred in Houston on Friday. If you’ve seen it in the news, Dr. Mark Hausknecht was a noted cardiologist riding his bicycle through the MD Anderson Cancer Center hospital complex.

This incident happened about mid-morning and apparently another persons on a bicycle is said to have ridden up behind him and shot him at least once and fatally wounding him. According to the news there wasn’t a motive and the reason has yet to be determined.

I think that obviously, cyclists are prepared and recognize the risks when we go out and ride our bikes everyday for pleasure or for transportation, however unfortunately there is some randomness in life. Things happen for unexplained reasons. Generally, the things that we see in our practice and hear about on the roads is due to negligence. Something that someone does that is careless, unintentional or they weren’t paying attention. Nonetheless, they may take a life or change a life in so many different ways.

It made me so sad on multiple levels to hear about this story because it was an intentional act which seems to deepen the sense of loss. Yes, we face risks on the road and we understand that cars make mistakes but you just don’t think about being attacked by someone with a gun while you’re on your bike.

We of course want to express our condolences to the family and those who loved this wonderful doctor.

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