The Different Types of a Femur Fracture and How Serious They Can Be

Video Transcription:
The femur, of course, is the largest bone in our body, so when it gets fractured, it's a very serious injury. The fractures can occur in a lot of ways. Fractures that go across the femur are called a transverse fracture. When the femur fractures and there are several pieces they call that a community fracture. And, when you have a compound fracture that's where the bone actually protrudes through the skin because of the force that's been applied.

Not all femur fractures will require surgery but it is pretty common, particularly when you have a community fracture or the compound fracture. Now these are very serious injuries because typically surgery is serious by itself and the period of rehabilitation can be quite extensive. So when someone has this injury it's something that definitely needs the attention of someone to understand the value of this injury and how it's going to affect your or the other person's life to come.

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