Sharon's Son was Killed Because of a Drunk Driver

Video Transcription:
September 5th 2008 Sharon's son was killed because of a drunk driver. Louis texted his Mom that day to tell her she didn't need to pick him up because he was going out with some friends after work and would be home later. The end of his message said, "I love you". And little did Sharon know that would be the last text message she was going to receive from her first born child.

26-year-old, Louis Hall was a passenger in a car with someone who was driving drunk. The accident occurred on the Crosstown Expressway in Tampa where he died at the scene. After hearing the devastating news from the highway patrol men, one of the first things Sharon said to them was "This kind of stuff doesn't happen to me. This happens in the newspapers and on TV. Not to me".

Since losing her son, Sharon has decided to make a difference in the world by speaking to parents and teens about underage drinking, drinking and driving, the consequences and how we can prevent it.

Stories like Sharon's don't have to happen. Drinking and driving is a choice. You can help bring awareness to this problem by sharing Sharon's story with your friends and family on Facebook.

Jim Dodson
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