Should a Lawyer Be Calling Me First?

Video Transcription:
If you’ve been injured in a serious accident and you’ve decided to look for a lawyer, let me tell you why you should not hire a lawyer who contacts you first.

It’s important to keep in mind that lawyers are sworn to uphold a certain standard of ethics. The Florida Bar has specific rules about what lawyers can and can’t do. And, one of the basic rules in dealing with a personal injury case is that a lawyer is not permitted to solicit or call an injured victim first. A lawyer can respond to a call a potential client makes to them.

So, if a lawyer shows up at your hospital room, shows up at your door, or calls you on the telephone, these are solicitations that are not permitted under the bar rules if you haven’t requested it. Keep in mind that if a lawyer is not willing to follow the basic rules that we all operate by, what rules will they follow when they are working with you?

Jim Dodson
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