Why Would a Doctor Want to Refer a Certain Lawyer to Their Patient?

Video Transcription:
I was working with a client who came into the office this week and they were referred by a lawyer friend of mine and they told me that after the accident they had been to a chiropractor and the chiropractor referred them to a medical clinic. The client said that they walked into the medical clinic and the first thing the doctor did was tell them they needed to hire this lawyer and wanted to give them the lawyer’s business card. This is even before the doctor is really treating this particular patient. And, the patient is wondering why are you trying to get me hire this lawyer and of all the lawyers in the world, why this one. They didn’t end up calling the lawyer.

This raises a lot of questions. So, I asked the client, what do you think the interest of the lawyer and doctor would be. Why that lawyer? Why when you walk in to that particular medical clinic are they telling you that you should contact this particular lawyer right away? The question we need to ask ourselves is when these types of relationships develop between a medical doctor and a lawyer, is it really in your best interest or is it in the best interest for the lawyer and the doctor. Some of these relationships can be healthy but it should raise a question in your mind if it really is. Ultimately, it is something you need to answer for yourself.

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