Does it Make Sense to Hire a Lawyer from Out of Town?

Video Transcription:
Are you thinking about hiring a lawyer after an accident but their office isn’t in your hometown? Let’s take a minute and understand why that really isn’t any concern.

It’s pretty common for anyone who is thinking about hiring a lawyer who isn’t physically located in their town to at least be thinking about whether that’s a factor that they should be considering. I tell people that in today’s world, the reality is that your communication with a lawyer is going to be primarily by phone, by letter or by email and that’s whether you live in the same town or across the state from the lawyer. We represent people all over the state based on our Internet presence.

As an example, I had a client that was involved in a terrible accident in Tampa. Before she hired me she moved out of state and she lived out of state for the entire time I represented her. That case went on probably a year and a half and at the end of the case when we got it settled, she sent the most tremendous testimonial because we established a relationship even though it was long distance.

So, if all the things that you need to be concerned about and maybe thoughtful about, whether the lawyer is physically in your town is not high on that list. The question is, can you establish a relationship with this person and can you use that relationship to build a bond of trust that will help you through this situation.

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