Should You Settle Your Florida Cycling Accident Case Early?

Video Transcription:
What if you’re riding a bicycle and you’re hit by a car and the driver’s insurance company wants to pay you some amount right now to try and settle your case. Should you take it?

I’ve talked to people from time to time who have been in that predicament and too many of them accept some amount of money that seems like a good deal at the time only to learn later that their injuries will require a lot more medical care, attention and cost than they ever imagined at the time.

Remember that whatever amount of money you agreed to take is going to be on a condition of you giving them a release of liability which means you can’t go back later and say that you need more.

No lawyer is typically going to settle a case until they have a letter from the treating doctor saying whether you will need future medical care and if so the nature of what it will be and some estimate of what it might cost.

So, before you take some amount of money, even if they tell you it’s the policy limit, I recommend you talk with an experienced bicycle injury lawyer, someone who practices in this area, to make sure it really is the right thing to do. There is no charge for talking and many times you will find that it’s not the right thing to do.

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