Did You Know Simon Cowell was Not Riding an Electric Bicycle When He Crashed?

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Hi, it's Jim Dodson, The Florida Bike Guy. So let's get this straight, Simon Cowell was not injured on an electric bicycle. Okay. I'll preface my comments by saying I know nothing about the incident other than what what I've able to find on public sources that we've researched online, but the evidence seems to be that Simon is a pretty experienced e-bike user. By the stories that I've read, he owned three or four in London. He owned three or four at his house in California. He's commuting back and forth to work on e-bikes in London apparently. So, he's an experienced e-bike user.

The question when you start looking at the news stories about his unfortunate injury and he had a terrible injury, it's really terrible, horrible what happened to him. If you don't know the story, apparently he fell off in his own courtyard experimenting with the electric vehicle that he had bought. The word was that he accelerated the thing and it popped a wheelie and threw him off the back of the bike and he fell onto the courtyard and broke separate vertebrae in his back and required surgery of some type. A terrible injury and you know, I'm impressed with the guy because he's been very chipper. If you see his personality, but he has been, he sent out a tweet, thanking the people that helped him. He's very impressed with the medical personnel, and he made a very interesting observation that is make sure you read the instructions when you buy a new toy.

So why wasn't this an electric bicycle? The first thing is from news reports that I've seen from several sources apparently this was a pretty powerful electric vehicle.

Some people are describing it as going from zero to 50 in five seconds. So, let's be clear, this is not a bicycle. This is an electric motorcycle of some type. Remember, in Florida we have categories, we just passed the statute saying you have three classes of bicycles in Florida, and, you have a up to 20 miles an hour pedal assist is a class one, throttle only up to 20 miles an hour is a class two, and a pedal assisted up to 28 miles an hour is a class three. These are electric bicycles. That's an important distinction because the bicycle doesn't require a tag. It doesn't require insurance and it doesn't require a license by the operator. Okay.

So if you're on a true bicycle and you're hit by a vehicle, then if you have uninsured motorist on your auto policy in Florida, you should get the benefits of that uninsured motorist policy if you need it because you're riding a bicycle which provides coverage for you under your uninsured motorist policy if you're hit by a vehicle that doesn't have enough or maybe no insurance. That maybe that's not the case if you're riding one of these new hybrid type vehicles. You know that every day I get an alert that some new electric device is on the market. You know, these, I got a text from someone recently, they have something that goes 45 miles an hour. I said that's not a bicycle. I don't know, I can't tell you exactly what it is, but it's not a bicycle in Florida. Those are important distinctions because if you get yourself one of these vehicles, and it's not required to be licensed, it doesn't have a license or required to be insured, you don't have insurance it could cause all kinds of complications for you.

Just, you know, unfortunately, in the press reporting about Simon's injury people just don't understand. The headlines are "Simon Cowell injured on an electric bicycle." Not true. It's some type of an electric motorcycle device. Okay. I think People for Bicycles is a trade group that promotes electric bikes for dealers. They have a category for other than electrical bicycle, which is IE a motorcycle. So, I want to sort of alert you when you read it, you know, I think there's a lot of the press reporting about this indicated all of the dangers of electric bicycles and people being injured on electric bicycles. That is a fair comment about bicycles, but it's not a fair comment about electric motorcycles.

Okay. Just don't get apples and tangerines comparisons going on here. So when you start reading the news reports, understand it wasn't a bicycle, it was a motorcycle, and to kind of put that into the context of what you're reading to get a fair understanding of what really happened,  and I think he would agree with that as well.

So I'm Jim Dodson, The Florida Bike Guy. If you have an e-bike, enjoy it. Okay. Take care. See you next time.

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