What is the Time Limit for a Case Involving a Cycling Crash in Florida?

Video Transcription:
Any type of an injury case is limited by what we call the statute of limitations. This is the period in which a case must be brought. For a cycling crash where someone is injured, it’s four years.

In those tragic situations where a cycling crash involves a death of someone, loss of a loved one, even though they didn’t die immediately but they might have died afterwards from the injuries, it’s two years. So, it’s a much shorter period of time to bring a claim.

I always tell people that in the injury cases, don’t assume because you have four years, you can wait. A lot of thing have to be done by a lawyer in order to pursue any case. So, the time to move forward after an injury is after it happens. Accident cases are like fruit. They get ripe and then they get overripe. Don’t wait.

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