Thoughts on Living Your Best Life: The Story of Tracy Sefcik

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Hi, it’s Jim Dodson here… The Florida Bike Guy.

I ran across a story recently that I thought would be really interesting to share with you. It’s a great example of what I call making a committed decision. It’s the difference between, someday I’m going to do something and nothing is going to stop me from doing this.

I ran across this story about Tracy Sefcik. She lives up in Illinois. She is from a military background and was committed to trying to raise awareness and funds for veterans and first responders. She made a decision, a commitment, to ride her bicycle across the country. Now, a lot of people do that and it’s certainly not unusual but I think when you hear more about Tracy, you’ll see what is kind of unique about her story.

It took Tracy about two years to plan the trip and she did most of the riding alone. It was a total trip of 61 days and I believe 49 days were on the bike. She was doing 65 to 75 miles a day. She was raising money for her charity called Cross Country Cycle for Vets. And, over the course of her trip she raised about $27,000.

Someone asked her if she was prepared and if she trained enough for the trip. Her response was “yes and no.” “You can’t train for 35mph cross winds and you can’t train for 40 degree mountain climbs in the rain. Or 75 miles from point A to point B in Texas with no food and water in between. Or drought conditions or rattlesnakes, or dogs or all the other sundry things that you may encounter when you ride across the country. And, you also can’t prepare for the great story of the Good Samaritans that helped me and contributed to my fund along the way.”

Tracy was able to complete her trip from San Diego to St. Augustine. She was successful in her purpose and she was committed to her decision. The thing that is unusual about Tracy is that she has epilepsy, asthma and a brain tumor. And despite these things including sixteen seizures along the way and two asthma attacks, she was persistent, she met her goal and did exactly what she set out to do.

I find stories like Tracy’s to be inspiring. I think they help me through the day. They give me purpose. Over the course of time I have written a number of articles that we put in our monthly newsletter. I have gone back and collected all of these articles and put them in a little eBook that is available on our website called Thoughts on Living Your Best Life. If you would like a free copy of this you can download it here. I think that you will find the stories inspiring and helpful and perhaps help you think a little differently about your life and purpose.

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