Mistakes You Should Avoid with Your Doctor After a Florida Accident

Video Transcription:
If you look around our website, you’re going to find a ton of information that we’ve prepared to help our clients and potential clients understand the claims process. And, this is everything from free legal guides, frequently asked questions, videos and free reports. And, one of most popular free reports is 10 Mistakes You Should Avoid in Dealing With Your Doctor.

I have a chance to see a lot of medical records from clients who are dealing with doctors before they came to our practice. When we get those reports, we see the things they did that they didn’t know would have an adverse impact on their claim. It could be a simple thing like you have an appointment, you don’t go and the doctor charts that as a “no show”. If this happens two or three times over the course of your treatment with the doctor and the adjuster sees this it means to them that you didn’t need to go to the doctor.

We make this report available for free to help you avoid the mistakes that we’ve seen other people make in the past. Get your free copy today.

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