Jim Helped Me Through Situations I Didn’t Even Know I Would Be Up Against

Video Transcription:
I’m a cyclist and I was riding my bike in a residential area and a vehicle turned in front of me I hit it broadside. I fell and broke my neck. I had to have my C1 and C2, the top two vertebrae fused. It was a very serious accident and a very serious injury.

I made it to the hospital and the police were asking me all kinds of questions for their report. While they are asking me these questions I’m in a very vulnerable situation having just been seriously hurt. I knew at this time I needed to get some representation and I had met Jim before at a cycling conference. I knew that he was a friendly cyclist and lawyer and I felt he knew the intricacies of what I was going to have to face.

We live two hours from Clearwater, where Jim’s office is, and I thought at the beginning that may be a problem. I thought I would have to make trips to Clearwater to see my attorney and I was worried about it interfering with work. It actually didn’t at all. With the technology today, I was able to just speak to Jim over the phone and he actually came to my hometown to see me when he needed to.

Working with Jim was very good. He is very friendly. Always attentive. Whenever I needed anything or had a question he explained it in detail and told me all of my options. He helped me through situations I didn’t even know I would be up against. They were there for me whenever I needed them, whenever I called them. It was very “family-friendly”. I was very happy with the outcome and very satisfied overall. They did an excellent job and they always had my best interest at heart.

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