Testimonial from a Cyclist Who Injured His Back in a Cycling Crash

Video Transcription:

My name is Bob and on September 28, 2018 I was riding my bike and I was hit by a car from behind.

I got Jim Dodson’s name from two other cyclists who I ride with who also unfortunately got hit by automobiles. And, also the club I belong to told me that Jim represents a lot of cyclists. And, from the two cyclists that I know who used Jim, they recommended him highly and I thought well, that’s the way to go. So, that’s what I did and I called Jim probably two or three days after my accident.

I was in the hospital for one night and then by Monday I called Jim because I thought I better get representation, so then I hired Jim Dodson. I knew from other people that he was a cyclist and I figured an attorney who is a cyclist would understand what it’s like to be injured while you’re cycling. And, you know I imagine some other injury attorneys may not understand the injuries that cyclists can get or the damage that can be done to a bike. It’s amazing how much a bike costs nowadays.

Actually when I was in the hospital, the day I got hit a sheriff came in and asked me the value of my bike and I said, five or $600 and he was amazed. I think somebody like Jim who cycles understands the cost of bicycles and what injuries you can get. So it was very important to hire somebody who had cycling experience and I was glad to find Jim Dodson.

I think what I really like about Jim’s team, which included Judi., whenever I had a question, I’d call her up and she would help me get a referral from a doctor. Any question I had or any message I left, she’d call me right back. She was right there on the spot answering all of my questions. I cannot thank Judi enough. I’m glad she was there to walk me through some situations as it was really hard for me to get a referral to a doctor due to the no fault laws. My family doctor didn’t want to see me since it was a vehicle related accident. Judi steered me to a doctor who would take my case and I was very glad about that and I want to especially thank Judi and Jim also.

Jim was always on the spot when I needed him and if I had any questions, he was there. He kept me informed on where my case was even though it went on for two years. So, I was very glad to get periodic updates on it and very glad when I did have a question, I could ask either Judi or Jim and they got right back to me.

What sticks out to me working with Jim or Judi was how informative they were when I needed an answer. I think I mentioned earlier, I had a hard time getting a referral to a back doctor and Judi worked endlessly walking me through what I had to do to get a referral.

I feel Jim Dodson got the best outcome for my case. The insurance company was stuck on the amount they didn’t want to go off of, so we just let it sit there for awhile. And, then Jim called me up and said well, they’re going with this amount, but we’re not going to stop there and he called me back the next week and he got what we thought was a fair and equitable settlement. He got the full price for me and I was very glad of that. I’m sure insurance companies are not that easy to work with and Jim worked tirelessly and fought for my cause and got me what I felt was a fair compensation and I’m glad I hired him.

If I had a cyclist friend injured in a crash and I hope this never happens because it’s a trying experience, I would definitely recommend them to Jim Dodson. Jim was with me from the very beginning, explaining to me what was going to happen and how we were going to handle things along the way. I could rely on him and Judi to get done what I needed to be done and get the compensation I deserved. I even got compensation for my damaged bike right away and then they helped me get the doctors I needed and helped me get physical therapy. Jim would definitely be the number one attorney I would recommend for any friend who might be injured. I just can’t praise either one of them more highly. They really helped me through this trying situation.


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