Testimonial from Client Injured in Florida but Lives Out of State

Video Transcription:
It was March of 2008 and I was driving in Tampa, coming from a meeting going to another meeting for work and I was stopped a traffic light. I looked in my rear view mirror and didn't see anything and then all of the sudden, I saw a car coming at me with a gentleman reaching down for his cell phone on the right side of the car with his foot on the gas. He hit me probably at about 60 mph.

I called an attorney that had handled some of my personal wills and that type of thing and he gave me the recommendation of Jim Dodson. In that first conversation, I think the reason I gained the trust that I needed to make the hiring decision was the type of questions Jim asked. The questions were related to me. What my expectations were. What it was I was going to need for support. We talked about how we were going to communicate and what I could expect because I wasn't going to be face to face with Jim. I was in North Carolina and he was in Clearwater.

Trust is kind of a funny thing. I think sometimes you kind of know. Jim shared with me his experience, his credentials and I think the thing that made me gain trust was just the type of individual person that Jim is. I felt it. I felt it right away that he was not looking to take on an accident case and get what he could get and then just move on. He took me on as a person first and then he expertly handled the situation with the injury.

Each case is different and past results do not necessarily indicate future results.

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