Client Testimonial from Someone Who Sustained a Brain Injury from a Car Crash

Video Transcription:

Laurie: My husband's involved in a really serious car accident, and obviously I was looking for an attorney. So find someone that had a lot of experience that was had roots planted here in the Clearwater area because we live in this area, and so I got on the Internet, did some research and that's where I found Jim Dodson. We were treated like family. Any time Steve called or we ever had any questions Jim was always right there.

Steve: He would call me on the weekends from his cell phone. He gave me his cell phone number.

Laurie: Right.

Steve: I didn't expect that kind of stuff from an attorney.

Laurie: Right.

Steve: The good thing is is we had a long road. The collision I was involved in left me with a mild brain injury, and knowing that or seeing on the Internet that Jim dealt with a bicyclist and we assumed paid a lot of those people are gonna more than likely have brain injury symptoms so we may fit in better with Jim than the other people we were looking at, and Jim's ratings were a lot higher, and we can see why now. We just settled a couple weeks ago. It was a long road, a lot of medical stuff. I've gone through a lot of bad things but feeling very good now. We had a great, great settlement.

Laurie: Yep, I was very happy.

Steve: More than we expected. Their service was outstanding. Just, I would highly recommend whether you're a cyclist or a pedestrian, a truck driver, a car driver, or anybody involved in an accident or a collision or anything like that. Give Jim a call.

Laurie: Yeah, if you wanna be treated like family and have someone that answers your questions and returns your phone calls he's your guy.

Jim Dodson
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