MIPS Bicycle Helmets Minimize the Chances of a Concussion

Video Transcriptions:
Recently I was at a bike club and was talking to someone who came up to me after the presentation I was doing and he said, “you know Jim, we have heard you speak before about the importance of bicycle helmets, particularly the new MIPS technology that minimizes the chance of concussions. So, my wife and I went out and we both bought a MIPS helmet and we were riding together and unfortunately she went down and hit her head on the ground. It cracked the helmet but miraculously she had no brain injury or concussion even though the helmet actually cracked. It really did what it was supposed to do.”

I told him “it’s really gratifying to hear a story like that.” I always encourage anyone who rides a bike to get the safest helmet they can and currently MIPS is probably the technology that is most available on the market to minimize concussions more than your standard bike helmet. If you don’t already have one, look for this type of helmet when you have an opportunity and put the advantage on your side.

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