How Side Impact Collisions Occur & Why It's Important to Have an Expert Analyze Them

Video Transcription:
Side impact collisions are very common. Many times we think that the forces involved in a side impact collision are certainly not what you get in a T-bone accident or even a high-speed rear end collision but they can be significant all by themselves.

When a side impact collision occurs when a car is merging or you get cut off, it sort of forces the occupant in the struck vehicle into these unnatural movements where they are going left to right. It gives them the opportunity to strike their head against the door pillar and a lot of chance to get seriously hurt.

What we see most frequently is the side impact collision is only the first step in a multi-impact collision because what happens is the struck vehicle many times is forced off the roadway and they strike a poll, or a barrier or a parked car or many times they spinout and then that car is hit by another car following behind them.

What we have found is that you have to have the right experts to understand and analyze which injury occurred from the first impact or the second impact depending on the nature of how the accident occurred. And having that expertise and knowing who to talk to in getting that analyzed is critical in getting the right compensation for your case.

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