What Can I Do if the Cop Made a Mistake on the Police Report?

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You might be surprised at the number of times that a client has told an attorney that there was a mistake on the police report. Jim Dodson recently had a case where a cyclist was riding his bike in the road and was hit by a car that turned into their path. The police officer concluded after talking to people that the cyclist was on the sidewalk. The question then becomes, "What can be done if there's an error on my police report?"

It's Possible to Request A Correction on Your Police Report

The first thing that can be done is you can try and reach out to the officer or perhaps their sergeant or supervisor to let them know that there was a mistake in the report and that you are requesting that it be corrected. Typically they might not be responsive to your request. If they don't respond you can write a letter to them saying that you reported it another way and this is actually how the accident occurred. Be respectful but factual and make sure you keep a copy of the letter.

Finally, make sure that when you contact a lawyer, you tell the lawyer the mistake that was made. This way they can contact the other side and let them know that we contend that it didn't happen the way the police reported it.

Police reports can be a big problem primarily for negotiating a case because the claims adjuster for the insurance company will be relying on that report particularly if it's favorable to their insurer. So correcting these reports at the earliest opportunity is one of the best things you can do to make sure your case is handled the way it ought to be handled.

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