What is Post-Concussion Syndrome?

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What does it mean when someone has been diagnosed with post-concussion syndrome? Many people when they have had any type of a head injury may suffer symptoms of a concussion. And they can be varied from motor function, memory recall, personality changes, problems sleeping, and a lot of other symptoms that can follow after someone suffers a concussion.

When someone has post-concussion syndrome they have moved from immediate effects of a concussion into a diagnosis that is a long-term condition. The doctor will wait a reasonable period of time after someone has suffered a concussion before making the diagnosis of post-concussion syndrome but it means that the symptoms the person is having, whatever they may be, are likely to persist and be a problem for them over the long-term.

Someone with post-concussion syndrome will have a variety of issues and it is often referred to as the “invisible injury” because they look and appear normal to most people. If you are around someone, typically long enough, who is suffering from this syndrome, the things they struggle with like memory recall and personality changes become more evident to you.

The odds are in favor of someone suffering a concussion even with post-concussion syndrome that they will improve. But there is a distinct minority of people, around 15%, who will have these symptoms for the rest of their life. Once this has identified there will be treatment options available for them. Understanding post-concussion syndrome is an important thing in terms of getting a handle on the entire process of dealing with a concussion and the long-term consequences.

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