Scarring and Disfigurement Caused By Accidents

Video Transcription:
Scarring and disfigurement can occur to someone from all types of accidents, collisions and falls and even medical malpractice. We understand that the scar can be treated. The scar will heal physically but many times it changes someone’s life. It changes them on how they look but just as important on how they feel because a scar sometimes robs someone of their identity and it robs them of their self-confidence, and willingness to go out in the world. And, it’s especially harmful when it occurs to a child at a young and impressionable age which could affect them virtually for the rest of their life.

We are aware of this. We have had scars in our practice from medical malpractice from the way a surgery was performed. We have had them from motor vehicle collisions. We’ve had them from children being left unattended in daycare and falling on a piece of equipment. Scarring can occur in a variety of ways. And, while the wound will heal, it’s our role to make sure that the insurance company understands exactly the emotional and physical impact of that scarring and disfigurement on our client to make sure that it is taken seriously and compensated accordingly.

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