My Pledge to You as a Cyclist and Lawyer

Video Transcription:

Hi, I’m Jim Dodson. Some people know me as the Florida Bike Guy. If you’ve come to our site, I’m sure you’re here because you have been involved in some type of cycling accident. You maybe wondering in your mind if you have a case. You may also be wondering if you even need a lawyer.

Let me tell you first, that I”m a cyclist. I understand the issues of riding on the roads in Florida because I’ve been riding on the roads with you for years. But I also understand the unique statutes and rules that apply to cycling that will affect your case going forward.

On the issue of whether you have a case remember that I will tell you in just a few minutes, talking to you on the phone, whether you have a case or not. And, quite frankly, remember that even though the police may say you’re at fault or you might have done something that contributed to the accident, they may be wrong and I can tell you whether you might have a case regardless.

You also may be wondering if you need a lawyer. Not every case needs a lawyer. If you’ve been fortune enough not to have a serious injury, I’ll tell you if I believe you can successfully handle it on your own. I’ll tell you how to do it and I’ll tell you what to do about getting your bike fixed or replaced. But if you’ve been injured in any type of a serious crash and you have a serious injury in most of those situations you do need a lawyer.

If you need me and you’ve been seriously injured, I’ll be there for you regardless of where you are. I currently represent clients throughout Florida. Other people don’t find it necessary for me to go to them. Many times we’ll just talk on the phone and get started that way. But whether you live next door or you live in another part of the state, virtually all of our contact with clients in today’s world as you and I know is by fax, email and phone calls. It will never be necessary for you to get in your car and come to my office.

Remember as a cyclist, my pledge to you is I want to do what I can to help you through this situation.

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