At Jim Dodson Law We Take Client Communication Very Seriously

Video Transcription:
It's pretty common when I first meet a client that after they've come into the office to express some concern about when will they hear from us and what should they expect in terms of communication.

One of the things I think that we have gone out of our way to make sure we do for every client is to be in regular and constant communication about the status of what's going on. I am not a mill. I don't have hundreds of files. Every client comes to us for a very specific reason with a very specific case. We don't take cases that we are not committed to handling.

When you call the office, the person who answers about your case, knows it and they know the status of it. We will be reaching out to you constantly, updating you on medical treatment, the bills, and any issue that I'm working on. You will never have a situation where you are in dark as to what we're doing or why you haven't heard from us for a week or ten days. It just won't happen.

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