After a Car Accident, Will the Insurance Company Be Fair with Me?

Video Transcription:
When you've been involved in any type of accident, a car accident in particular and you're dealing with an insurance company, there's two areas where you'll be dealing with them. One is the repair or the replacement of your car. By and large, insurance companies are ok in doing this. I think that most of the major carriers will get you a rental car pretty promptly. They'll get you to a good repair shop and then the repair shop will handle the repair and the insurance company will pay the bill. They'll pretty much get you in the range of where the car ought to be priced if they are totaling it out. There are exceptions and sometimes they don't do what they are supposed to do but I think on average, most insurance companies are ok in these areas.

Where they are not ok is when they start trying to put a value on you injury claim. And this is where they fight very hard to encourage you not to get a lawyer. They go to every measure to try to tell you that they'll be fair, that you don't need a lawyer, that a lawyer is only going to charge you a fee and we'll pay you what the case is worth. The reason they do this is because it's their business model. They don't want injured clients walking into a lawyer's office because they know it will cost them money because a lawyer knows how to deal with them, knows how to value your case, and knows how to get that value out of the insurance company. And, the insurance company knows you simply don't know that. Keep this in mind when the insurance company says they'll be fair.

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