Why Would the Car Insurance Company Tell Me Not to Hire a Lawyer?

Video Transcription:
For years, clients will call or come into the office and tell me that when they reached out to the insurance company of the driver who caused the accident, they were told they don't need to hire a lawyer, the lawyer will only charge you a fee and we'll be fair with you. But I had a client recently tell me a little different slant on that story. They were actually told to not hire a lawyer because every client who has hired a lawyer regretted it later. And, I thought, wow. They have gone to new lows.

Think about this logically for a minute. Why would an insurance company have as their business model and their plan to make sure they try to talk people out of hiring lawyers? They do it for one reason. They do it because it costs them money. They know when someone who's injured in accident and goes to see a lawyer that they've evened the playing field. Now it's no longer a trained insurance representative dealing with an untrained, unexperienced person in a situation where the insurance company can take advantage of them. And, quite frankly that's what they do. They take advantage of the fact that people simply don't know how to handle their claim or have any idea what their claim may be worth.

So, the insurance company doesn't want a client to walk anywhere near a lawyer's office because they don't want to deal with the truth. The truth is the case is worth a heck of a lot more money than the insurance adjuster ever wants you to believe it is.

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