Epidural Steroid Injections for Neck & Back Injuries

Video Transcription:
We have had many clients in our practice who have had back and neck injuries and they were recommended to have epidural steroid injections. One of the most frequent conversations I have is, “should I do it and what kind of results should I expect”. Clearly, I tell them to confer with their doctor about it and I can only give them what I have observed in our practice.

I think steroid injections are part of the conservative care that a doctor recommends before they are going to send someone to a surgeon and recommend surgery. We have seen many clients have very good results from them and some quite frankly had no pain relief from them but I think that this is less frequent than those who did benefit from an epidural steroid injection.

These injections are definitely something I would say is an essential part of a conservative treatment plan before a doctor sends you off to have neck or back surgery. These injections are usually given in a facility. Many doctors use a motion x-ray to make sure they are in the exact area of the spine where the injury and pain is. There are two or three different ways that the injection can be done. And, there certainly is some discomfort involved in having it done. Different levels of the spine have different levels of discomfort.

But overall we have had clients in our practice who have received epidural steroid injections and they received pretty good results. Some people are able to live for an extended period of time getting two or three shots per year. It gives them pretty good range of motion and pretty good function in life. It’s definitely something I would speak seriously to your doctor about.

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