What are the Different Types of Brain Injury Physicians?

Video Transcription:
When dealing with the treatment and diagnosis of brain injuries, typically people are going to run into a class of physicians that are fairly unique to this area of medicine.

Kind of the frontline doctor that people will run into initially when they've been involved in an accident or injury is a neurologist. A neurologist is someone who's trained in understanding the operation of the brain, the spinal cord and the nervous system. But they are generally called upon initially to look at the symptoms that someone has and start categorizing that as a brain injury.

A neuropsychologist is a branch of psychology, someone who has had special training. They typically are testing a patient with a battery of behavior and cognitive tests. These tests show how we think and how we act and how that's been affected by a brain injury. They will also design or make some type of recommendation for a treatment plan for someone who has been diagnosed with a brain injury.

A neuroradiologist is a doctor who is in a branch of radiology who is going to interpret a PET scan, an MRI, a CT scan and the X-rays that are showing a loss of function in the brain from these imaging studies.

A neurosurgeon is only involved in brain injuries where there is an actual bleed within the brain that requires either an operation to remove or reduce or eliminate a blood clot. So it's involving an injury where surgery is necessary.

These are the primary doctors that people will have when they've had a brain injury, all of which have a specific role.

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