Can I Make a Claim Against the Doctor Who Left a Tool in My Body During Surgery?

Video Transcription:
When a doctor performs surgery they may use hundreds of tools in the process of doing it. This is more than the actual cutting items that they use. It's the scissors, clamps, pins, gauze, tape and all the padding and other items they use. There are procedures they follow to make sure nothing gets left behind. But statistics show in almost 1,500 cases a year, some tool or surgical item is left in the body of the patient. And, unfortunately, this statistic is most likely underreported.

The abdomen is probably the most common place where an item is left behind. The reports show that this type of medical mistake also happens more often in people who are obese. There is also more tendency for it to occur if something goes wrong or something unexpected developed during the operation and they had to change the plan during the surgery.

When a medical error like this occurs there is a potential for a medical malpractice claim, not only against the doctor who performed the surgery but against the medical facility where it was done.

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