TBI's & How They Can Be Caused By Different Types of Car Accidents

Video Transcription:
When we talk to someone after a car accident who’s having concussion symptoms, many times the issue is a question of causation, particularly when we’re talking about convincing an insurance company or a jury of how the concussion arose.

We all understand that when a car turns into the driver’s side of the vehicle and there’s that direct side impact, it affects the driver directly, then making that connection between the impact and a concussion is pretty easy, and we handle these cases regularly. But a person can have serious concussion issues, for instance from a rear end collision. The impact may not be tremendous but it’s the movement of the head. It’s the jerking of the head, front and back which causes the brain to shift within the skull which can lead to a concussion.

I would ask you to bear in mind that if you’ve been involved in any type of a collision or any type of an accident for that matter and you’re having concussion symptoms, you need to make sure you bring those symptoms to the doctor at the very first opportunity. The diagnosis of a concussion is very important in terms of what you are telling the doctor to make sure that they are putting it into your medical chart. And, all of these minor things and changes that are going on with you need to be relayed to the doctor, so that this connection between the crash and your injury is well established.

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