The Types of Treatment for Traumatic Brain Injuries Vary Greatly

Video Transcription:
When someone suffers a concussion that causes what a doctor labels as a mild traumatic brain injury, the spectrum of how that is treated varies greatly. Many people go to the emergency room, they’re diagnosed with a concussion but they are discharged without any recommendation of treatment other than to follow up with a physician within a certain length of time. They generally don’t make any recommendation for treatment unless it’s really significant.

When you get to a neurologist or someone who actually understands the treatment and diagnosis of a brain injury, what they do and what they recommend is going to vary greatly depending on how the injury occurred, it’s severity and what they are noticing in terms of your progression of symptoms. There are patients who essentially have very little treatment and there are patients who because of the nature of their injury were given specific things to do to help the brain recover.

It’s important to remember that the brain operates like a muscle in our body. The thinking has traditionally always been that that muscle needs to rest. Many times someone who has suffered a brain injury are put in a dark room, they are restricted from activities and certainly restricted from mental activity.  But all of this needs to be done under the supervision of a qualified doctor.

If you have a brain injury or know someone who has suffered brain injury or a concussion after an accident, make sure you get the medical treatment you need and then meet with a lawyer who understands the significance of these types of injury cases.

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