Understanding Who Has the Right of Way When a Vehicle is Turning Left

Video Transcription:
Vehicles that violate the right of way of others are the cause of too many accidents in Florida. We see this in our practice constantly.

There is a very specific statute in Florida that deals with a car that wants to turn left at an intersection or perhaps turn left into a driveway, alleyway or a parking lot. Generally, when the driver wants to turn left, there is a requirement in the law that you yield the right of way to a vehicle coming towards you that is going to be in the lane that the driver is crossing.

These same rules apply when a driver is waiting at an intersection. The driver waiting there has to allow cars that are close to the intersection or within the intersection that might constitute as a hazard to clear the intersection before they make their left turn.

These laws are important because they are part of the foundation of how injury cases are evaluated. If a car violates your right of way, there is a claim of negligence or liability against that driver.

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