Two Misunderstandings About Brain Injuries That Everyone Should Know

Video Transcription:
There are two big misconceptions about a brain injury:

  1. Many people believe that you have to lose consciousness to have a brain injury but this is simply not true. After an accident many times the person will not know or remember if they were knocked unconscious but they will know that they were dazed or confused for some period of time.
  2. Someone does not need to suffer a blow to the head. For instance, in a rear end accident someone may not actually hit their head but the quick force of the head moving forward and then backward could result in a brain injury.

After an accident, if you have any sign or symptom of a brain injury it is very important to be evaluated by a doctor right away. Don't assume it will get better and go away.

Have You Suffered A Brain Injury Due To An Accident?

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