Why Lawyers Use Subject Matter Experts in a Personal Injury Case

Video Transcription:

Many times when I meet with clients and we’re dealing with a serious injury the topic of experts comes up. I think that many people are concerned that they are going to walk into a lawyer’s office and the lawyer is going to hire a lot of experts and it’s going to have an enormous cost. They are concerned about who is going to pay for it and how it is going to affect their case.

Just a couple of words to understand the environment which experts are used. An expert is typically going to be used by your lawyer to provide information that is going to make your case stronger. Experts could be used on an economic issue, a medical issue, a liability issue of who was at fault, an engineering issue as well as other types of issues that would warrant the use of an expert. Generally, your lawyer may consult with an expert at a relatively early stage in the case but not fully engage them in terms of their full analysis and opinion until the case warrants the use of that expert and the expenditure of those funds which would make the case settle or be used to prepare for trial.

I think if you are concerned about an expert or you feel that your case needs a particular expert just make sure you are communicating with your lawyer. Your lawyer is thinking about how to make your case stronger and the use of experts is designed to do exactly that. And in the end, the appropriate use of an expert, picking the right person, doing it at the right time, and making sure that information is available to the defendant so they can evaluate it at the right time will really drive a lot of value to your case. This is something you shouldn’t be anxious about but should be fully discussed with your lawyer.

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