Do You have a Good Headlight on Your Bike? Hear What the Florida Bike Guy Recommends

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Good morning, it's Jim Dodson, your Florida Bike Guy. Welcome to our livecast this morning.

I've got a little show and tell to work with you this morning. We're doing a program on how to get an effective headlight for your bike.

You know, the data is really very positive that we need running lights on a bicycle during the day. And I think all of us know that when we're out riding you really notice those people that have a bright light. And unfortunately, those people are not that common.

My concern for most cyclists is both for a headlight and a taillight that we're riding with lights that are not bright enough to be seen bearing in mind all the clutter that's around us, the visual field for the driver. We need to be picked out of that clutter and that they recognize that we're a moving bicycle, someone on a bicycle moving towards them.

So we've got five lights to show you this morning. We're gonna pick them up and we're gonna handle them. I wanna give a big shout out to each of these manufacturers. They were very gracious in sending us samples of their product. These lights are gonna vary today from the most expensive which is $475 and the least expensive which is $40. They're all bright, some are brighter than others. They all have their unique capabilities and they all fit into a need, or a niche, or an area that riders want depending on what you're doing and what type of riding you're doing.

The first one I want to show you is the Lupine SL A4. This is a 900 lumen light, this is bright. This has a very unusual feature because it has what they call is the dual aspheric lens system for bike lights. I'll put it up to the camera so you can see it's sort of a convex. The light shines around it. This has an external battery pack but it's very small. This has its own mounting system of course. The battery pack has to be mounted, but it's going to give you 16 hours of running time during the day, which is a long time. So, if you're on that long ride day after day, this is a perfect light for someone who needs that kind of intensity, which is important.

It's got an aluminum body. It's very indestructible it seems and has a release kind of control on top. I can't put this on the camera because it'll be too bright. But this is a very bright light, this is the Lupine SL A4. Again, this cost $475 and it's 900 lumens. When you get into those big lumens, many times the manufacturer has to go to an external battery pack to support the battery.

The next one is the Portland Design Works City Rover. This is a 610 lumen light. It has a running time of 1.8 hours to seven hours. It cost $59, it's got a waterproof exterior, it's self-contained, and it's got a very simple system to put it across your handlebar. One of the advantages of this type of system is you're not gonna worry about losing the rubber band that so many of us use all the time. Very easy to control. All of them have multiple modes of flash and brightness and depending on how, you know, you're gonna get the longest road life on the flashing mode and the data seems to suggest as well that flashing is the easiest way to be seen when you're on the road.

Hey Mike, good to have you here.

So, I'm flashing this on the wall and I can see this is a very bright light again, 610 lumens you know. I think I'm running currently on my bike 500 lumens. One of these is gonna go on my bike when we finish. Or one like it. So this is the Portland Design Works City Rover the 610 USB headlight. All of these of course have their own charging system you can plug it into the USB or into the wall.

The next one I want to show you is the Lumintrail LTC-3000. This is a bright light. So this is manufactured by Lumintrail. It's got an external battery pack. It's going to be on the heavier side because this has between two and six hours and because it's got so much power in the light. This is 3000 lumens and it is extremely bright. This is one of those lights that will really stand out when you're on your bike even during the daylight. And I can't emphasize enough the importance of each of us having a bright headlight and a bright taillight.

The whole purpose of me doing these demonstrations, and I've done a previous one on taillights if you haven't seen it, you ought to go online, get our resource on that. We want to be seen, we want to be avoided that's the whole name of the game. As we all know, the first thing that a driver says when they make contact with one of us on a bike is, "I never saw them." And we want to minimize the odds of that happening.

So this one fits easily on the handlebar again, it straps right onto the handlebars. It's got an attachment for the battery to go onto the frame of the bike as well. It's easy to use, the control is right on the back. This is a very bright light.

We're gonna give away one of these lights and you can enter by liking us or you can send a question, you can give us a thumbs up, ask us a question, or enter a comment. Everyone who does that will be entered in a chance to win the light. At the end of the program, I'm going to give you an opportunity to get our resource on choosing a good bike headlight and that'll be on a link and if you request that report you'll have an extra opportunity to win one of these lights as well.

So, the next one is the Cycle Torch Shark 500. This is a self-contained light. This actually comes with a taillight as well. So it's got a small taillight that they include both of these attach with the typical rubber band type strap. This is the charging cord. It's going to attach under your seat post, or under your handlebar for the headlight. Easy to control, nice. It's got a very bright light again. This is 500 lumens, a good light, a good brightness. With any of these lights, you're gonna find that combination of flashing, the level of brightness that you want, and that's going to determine the battery life that you get out of the light.

I think many bike shops don't have all of these types of very bright lights. Sometimes you gotta get to specialty carrier. I would urge you to go to the website for each of these manufacturers and check out their products. This is just one of the lights that they have. Each of them have multiple products that they offer and we want to support those people that are helping us ride safely.

So the fifth light is the Planet Bike Blaze 650 SLX. You know, this is one of those programs where I need to look down at my notes because we have some details here to go over. This is interesting because this light has an amber sidelight that gives you 275 degrees of visibility in addition to your headlight. Kind of an interesting feature. It's got a very fast blink and it's got all the modes of brightness. This is an amazing light for one that's self-contained because it goes up to 54 hours. It goes 2.6 hours to 54 hours of run time. Now, that would be on the blinking mode but that's an incredible amount of time. If you're doing a cross-country ride and you're not sure if you're gonna have a place to charge your light at the end of the day, this will give you multiple days of riding.

The Cycle Torch that I just mentioned here has 30 hours of riding time which is another incredibly long riding light, particularly for a self-contained light. This one only costs $40. And the Planet Bike Blaze cost $90. Now they all have individual features that I would urge you to check out, but I think the thing that really struck me about doing this program today is the amount of time that these lights are providing. You know, the Planet Blaze with 54 hours, the Cycle Torch with 30 hours, and the Lupine with 16 hours. They all have really good runtime. The minimum one has is six hours. That's really convenient, you don't have to charge it every time you ride. Gives you an opportunity to have flexibility for a long ride. If you're doing a century, you need longer time in the bike. These are great options for that.

So those are the five lights again. We're gonna offer this Choosing a Good Bike Headlight resource. Go to Now those of you who have entered or entered to win one of these lights, we're gonna announce the winner during the program on the 20th when we're having an interview with Phil from Pedalec. You know, Phil's got an excellent dealership with e-bikes and during that program, we'll announce our winner.

We've gone to a weekly schedule, so we're gonna be on the air every Thursday at 10 o'clock. Love to see you here, if you have a program or an idea of what you'd like us to do, give us a heads-up.

Hey Tracy. I want to acknowledge everyone who has joined us today. I thank you for joining us.

Again, to get the free resource on Choosing a Good Headlihgt go to This has all of the details of these lights and much more than I've even described here. It's got a picture of the light and the details of what features they all have. It's a great resource.

If I can help you in any way, or you have a question or concern, get in touch with the Florida Bike Guy. That's all we have today, this is Jim, signing off. Have a great day. Be safe out there.

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