Testimonial from an Injured Florida Cyclist Hurt By a Child on a Bicycle

Video Transcription:

I was riding in the summertime on a nice day and coming back from the beach, I was still gonna ride some more. Had a girl on a bike pull right out in front of me which kind of ruined my afternoon.

So I looked online and talked to a couple people that rode down here and said you need to get somebody that knows what they're talking about with bikes. So I looked at Jim's website and saw some things.

I never was worried about the medical bills because I thought that that was gonna get taken care of and it did. And it was longer than I thought, but at no time was I lead to believe it was gonna be any shorter than it was, which was good. I never had any unrealistic expectations, which I thought was nice, instead of 1-800-Ask-Whoever.

Distance wasn't a problem because we had good communication with them all the time. And if I had questions, they took care of them. So I never felt like I didn't know what was happening.

I'd recommend Jim if they needed a bike or I'd recommend Jim if they need a lawyer period.

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