Take a Stand Against Drinking and Driving

Video Transcription:
It was amazing to see the mix of emotion out at the event. It was the 4th Annual Walk Like MADD on Indian Rocks Beach. It was remarkable that the full $35,000 was raised for Pinellas County MADD which is a very big deal for this community and building momentum for getting MADD out there to the public.

Jo Newton, Executive Director of MADD West Central Florida says that "Jim Dodson has been an amazing partner of Mothers Against Drunk Driving. He has recently been put in charge of the Pinellas Advisory Board and he has been a tremendous asset to MADD and all of our partners. His leadership has really shown a change in how we actually are conducting this walk today. Jim was one of the first people who met with me and sat down with me and let me know where we could make some changes and some improvements. Our team really listens to him. As an attorney in the area he really understands what the families are going through and the kind of guidance and instruction they need in their lives at this traumatic time. Jim's sound advice has made him a great personality and leader for MADD."

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