Cyclists Need to Watch for Inexperienced Riders During this Covid Pandemic

Video Transcription:

Jim Dodson: It's Jim Dodson, Florida Bike Guy. I was on my ride today, this is Saturday and there's a rider that I see every week going up and down Gulf Boulevard. He's a very strong rider, you know, we wave and say hello to one another. I came across him and he was stopped, he was wiping blood off his hand, he had blood on his face. I had passed a gentleman coming towards me in the bike lane, going against traffic, wearing jeans and kind of a red pullover shirt, no helmet, no lights, no safety gear at all. What had happened is, this guy was coming the wrong way against traffic, in the bike lane. This is an area of Gulf Boulevard where there's only two lanes in each direction and the bike lane is right next to the auto lane and there's really, very little way to escape somebody coming against traffic in the bike lane. So, the guy that I had seen slowed down, tried to avoid the guy that was coming against traffic, but they collided, he went down, he was hurt, the gentleman got hurt, he took off again.

So a reminder, there's a lot of people on the road right now that are unpredictable, you know, they haven't ridden in a long time. This guy was clearly one of those and for those of us who are more experienced and recreational riders, we just need to be very careful to watch out for the unpredictability of some of these inexperienced people that are on the road right now. For those of you that haven't ridden a lot, remember the rules of the road. You go with traffic, not against it, okay. I'm Jim Dodson the Florida bike guy. Let's be safe out there.

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