Common Bone Fractures from a Pedestrian Accident

Video Transcription:
When a car is going more than 45 mph typically a pedestrian doesn't have a very good chance of surviving. Fortunately, some crashes occur below this speed but what typically happens is the pedestrian ends up with a fracture of some type.

One of the most common types is where the bumper meets the pedestrian first which usually means the lower leg is hit, or the tibia and fibula. This is referred to as a tib-fib fracture. Sometimes an ankle fracture or a knee fracture could result. In some cases the upper body could be fractured if the pedestrian was thrown. This type of accident usually results in arm, clavicle or spine fractures.

Most fractures fall into these categories:

  • Open fracturesThis is where the bone breaks through the skin.
  • Closed fractures. The bone doesn't break through the skin.
  • Displaced fractures. The bone fragments are separated and no longer in alignment.
  • Non-displaced fractures. The bone fragments are still aligned.

Fractures can be very serious and should be treated by a medical doctor immediately.

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