There are Many Benefits of Joining a Florida Cycling Club

Video Transcription:
If you've just moved to Florida or maybe your a cyclist that hasn't joined a club in the past, I'd like you to look into the thought of joining a cycling club.

We are fortunate to have some tremendous bike clubs and there's probably one in your town or very close to where you live and ride. There are some reasons I think joining a cycling club is important. The first really is just meeting people that love cycling. You're going to make some great friends. They have rides that they do and most of them do designated rides every week. You'll know the course in advance, you'll know the time, and the terrain. Most of the clubs will post these rides in their newsletter, on their website or Facebook so you can keep up with it.

All the cycling clubs encourage and require safety. They are all about safety. Many of them will have a newsletter which they publish monthly that includes interesting articles for you to read. We even contribute to some of the local clubs' newsletters. Most of the clubs have their own jersey and many of them will put on an event every year which is sort of the major signature event for the club that you can get involved with if you choose.

Bicycle clubs also have a benefit that we don't hear about a lot which is an insurance policy. Virtually every sanctioned club event will be covered by an insurance policy in the event that the unexpected happens. And, we've seen that be a great benefit to a lot of people. So, give some thought, look into it and join a cycling club that's closest to you.

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