List of Mental (Cognitive), Physical, Emotional & Sleep Symptoms of a Concussion

Video Transcription:
If you’ve been involved in some type of a crash and you were knocked unconscious, it’s clear you’ve had a concussion. But most people don’t have that experience. It’s likely to be more subtle than this. Maybe you just felt dazed, groggy, or you aren’t sure what happened. In these situations we have spoke to many people who aren’t sure if these were indications of a concussion. And, what about the things that have happened in the following hours, days and weeks after the crash.

We have put together a list of the most common signs and symptoms of a concussion. These include the mental function or what doctors refer to as cognitive functioning, emotional, physical and sleep symptoms. If you look at this list it will give you a good idea if you are having any of these symptoms. And, remember that it doesn’t take a lot of them to dramatically change your life. Most of the time the symptoms of a concussion might be very subtle but you are still aware that things aren’t quite right, and maybe you aren’t aware of them as those people who are around you.

Look at this list and make note of the ones that you are having and seek medical attention as soon as you can to let them know exactly what you’ve been experiencing.

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