Types of Damages You Can Claim for a Florida Pedestrian Accident

Video Transcription:
The typical damages in a Florida pedestrian injury claim usually include the following:

  1. Your medical expenses
  2. Any physical pain that you may have suffered
  3. Any emotional distress that you may have experienced
  4. Any wages that you have lost
  5. Any wages that you may lose in the future

When you are preparing to speak with your insurance company about the details of your accident, it may help to have a Florida pedestrian injury attorney on your side who can act as your representative with insurance adjusters.

Before you speak with the insurance adjuster or an attorney, Jim Dodson's book, the Florida Pedestrian Accident Guide will help you with the steps you should take after you've been injured in a pedestrian accident. Get your free copy in order to better protect yourself. If, however you are ready to speak with an experienced Florida pedestrian attorney, call 727-446-0840 to speak to Jim today.

Jim Dodson
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