Florida Wheelchair Ramps Must Be Built To Code

Video Transcription:
Handicap ramps must be built to code and there are a lot of codes that affect how they are built. And, these ramps are built this way to make them safe. Generally, there are two types of handicap ramps:

  1. Those that start at the curb and go into a parking lot.
  2. Those that are referred to as curb cuts where the curb is cut back down so that the handicap ramp goes in and rises from the curb up.

Every ramp that is accessible by wheelchairs has to have a certain length, a certain width, and a certain degree of flare. Some ramps if they don't have flare need to have handrails, so that someone does not go off the side of the ramp.

If someone falls and is injured because the handicap ramp has been built improperly or not marked they way they should be, be sure to take pictures and see a lawyer who has handled cases like this.

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