What if I Don't Want the Treatment My Doctor is Recommending?

Video Transcription:
Doctors make recommendations to people for treatment everyday and patients have the right to say yes or no to that treatment. Unless it’s some life or death situation, patients can decide what treatment they want to take.

I like to remind my clients that you have your life and you have a case and you’re generally more comfortable making decisions about your medical care on how it affects your life. Do you want the treatment, will it make you feel better, are you accepting the risk or is the risk, concern or complications something you can deal with? And, then you have your case. So, at the end of the day, you make decisions based on what you’re comfortable accepting in terms of medical care and this becomes your case.

You don’t simply want to ignore a doctor’s advice. You want to pursue every reasonable basis for treatment or alternatives to what the doctor might be recommending. But no one should feel that if a doctor has recommended it, you have to have it. You have the right to say no.

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