What if the Driver Who Caused the Accident was on Medication?

Video Transcription:
We all understand that it’s against the law to drive drunk and it’s also illegal in Florida to drive impaired on controlled substances or chemical substances. These are defined in our law. This means you can’t take medication and drive if you’re impaired.

I was at a MADD meeting recently with a lot of members of law enforcement and one of the things that surprised me was that one of the biggest problems they are dealing with right now are people driving around on medication. If all the people that have gone to a doctor that got a prescription and on the bottle the label reads “don’t operate a motor vehicle” and they simply aren’t reading it they should be held accountable. They get used to taking the medication or they take this and two or three other medications and then they go out and drive around town in their cars. This is just as illegal than driving drunk.

The officer who is investigating the accident will give someone a sobriety test if they think the driver is impaired. They may draw blood if they think it’s appropriate in order to prove exactly what they are on. Proof that a driver is impaired by a controlled substance or a chemical substance can be a valuable tool for your lawyer in pursuing the civil claim for the damage, harm and losses they’ve caused as a result of the accident.

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