Insurance that Covers a Passenger in a Motorcycle Crash

Video Transcription:
In Florida, we have very minimal required coverage for someone on a motorcycle. The only requirement is that the person who owns the bike has $10,000 in medical coverage, whether that be on their health insurance policy or something on the motorcycle policy itself.

The only way that a passenger on a motorcycle is going to be covered is in one of two ways:

  1. The driver who caused the accident has enough bodily insurance coverage on their policy to pay for the injuries of the passenger and the driver of the motorcycle.
  2. If the driver who caused the accident doesn't have bodily insurance or not enough, the passenger will then need to look to the driver of the motorcycle's Uninsured Motorist coverage on their bike. Unfortunately, not many motorcyclist's have it. This is why it is important for someone who owns a motorcycle to carry UM on their bike because this will not only protect them but it will protect their passengers as well.
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