Type of Insurance Everyone Should have if They Ride a Motorcycle in Florida

Video Transcription:
One of the most common denominators for any motorcycle accident is that they typically involve serious injuries to the biker. Unfortunately, most cars in Florida don't have enough insurance to pay for the injuries they have caused. The statistics are that 37% cars on the road have no bodily injury coverage which would be the coverage that pays for the damage they have done to the motorcyclist.

The insurance that a motorcyclist should have in Florida is Uninsured Motorist or UM. In order to get this you would need to get bodily injury coverage to protect someone if you're at fault and then you can buy UM to protect you or someone on your policy from a driver who causes an accident that has little or no insurance. Attorney Jim Dodson recommends to get nothing less than $100,000 in coverage but encourages those who ride a motorcycle to get $1,000,000 in UM because of the likelihood of serious injuries. The other type of insurance that a biker should have is medical insurance.

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